Satellite Antennas

Satellite TV at Home or On the Go

Go where other entertainment solutions can’t take you. KING premium satellite antennas are easy to set up, acquire signal, and set the industry standard for quality - the clear choice to access your favorite programming both at home and on the go.

Whether you’re looking for DISH, DIRECTV, or Bell (Canada), KING has the portable antenna option you need to enjoy your favorite movies and shows wherever you go. Select one of our DISH Tailgater antennas for DISH-exclusive programming, or choose our KING One Pro satellite antenna which is compatible with all satellite antenna providers - no need to commit to just one!

Portable Satellite TV Antennas

KING’s next-level satellite antenna technology brings you crystal clear live TV in a completely portable design. Weighing only 8 pounds each, KING’s satellite antennas are compact and the built-in carrying handle makes them easy to transport. For a more permanent setup, you also have the option of easily mounting the antenna to the roof of your RV with the integrated mounting feet (no additional mounting brackets required). It’s never been easier to stay connected and get digital satellite TV service anywhere you go.

Interested in one of our portable satellite antennas? Check out our satellite tripod,which allows you to set your satellite antenna up anywhere! Great for tailgating, RVing, and other portable set ups. 

Looking for a way to keep your satellite antenna on the roof of your RV but don’t want to commit to permanently mounting it there? Check out our quick-release mounting bracket. This patented design provides you with the option of converting your roof-mounted satellite antenna into a portable antenna, by easily allowing you to release the satellite from its mount whenever you need to. 

What to look for in a Satellite Antenna

If you are looking for a quality design at an affordable price, look no further than KING satellite antennas. Choose your KING satellite based on your satellite service provider - for exclusively DISH programming, shop our DISH Tailgater lineup. For DIRECTV, Bell (Canada), or DISH, shop our KING One Pro Premium Satellite Antenna. Whichever satellite antenna you choose, you know you will be getting a powerful, portable satellite dish at a price you can afford.

- Automatic tracking

Once powered on, KING satellite antennas will automatically locate and lock on to the satellite of your choice, so you can watch HDTV in just minutes, giving you nationwide coverage of western and eastern satellites. 

- Portable or Roof-Mounted? You Decide.

Portable and lightweight, KING satellites can sit on the ground or on an optional tripod, or can be mounted permanently or temporarily to the roof of your RV, trailer or truck (no additional mounting brackets required for permanent roof mount). 

- A dome cover

Looking for a clear dome cover to give you optimal satellite visibility? Our KING One Pro and DISH Tailgater Pro antennas both feature a sleek, transparent look that allows for improved signal power and allows you to see exactly where your dish is pointing to simplify troubleshooting and ensure you’re receiving the best signal.

- DIRECTV HD compatibility

For an antenna that is compatible with all satellite service providers, including DIRECTV, check out our KING One Pro Premium Satellite Antenna. One antenna, all providers - this antenna connects you with DISH, DIRECTV, and Bell (Canada), so no need to commit to just one service. Time and time again, the KING One Pro outranks the competition because of its compatibility with ALL satellite service providers. 

- DISH exclusive programming

For DISH loyal customers, our Tailgater and Tailgater Pro satellite antennas give you access to the programming you love, wherever you go. The satellite dish automatically locates and locks onto DISH satellites, so you can watch HDTV in just minutes.